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Egon Schiele, Schlafendes Paar [Sleeping Couple], 1909.
Pencil on paper, 32 x 30 cm.

Jan Huygen van Linschoten, Book of Travel (East Indies), 1599.

Guillemeau, Jacque, approximately 1530-1613. Tables anatomiques, avec les pourtraicts et declaration d’iceulx, 1586.
Typ 515.86.440
Houghton Library, Harvard University

Mary Reeser, born in 1881, was found almost completely consumed by fire in her Florida home in 1951. The odd thing about the discovery of her body was that part of her left foot was left completely unscathed, and the extremely high temperature required to cremate a human body did not cause damage to the room or objects around the pile of ash which remained. The FBI investigators called in Professor Krogman from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Medicine, in the hopes that he might explain the mystery. He said: “I find it hard to believe that a human body, once ignited, will literally consume itself — burn itself out, as does a candle wick, guttering in the last residual pool of melted wax…. Just what did happen on the night of July 1, 1951, in St. Petersburg, Florida? We may never know, though this case still haunts me…. I cannot conceive of such complete cremation without more burning of the apartment itself. In fact the apartment and everything in it should have been consumed. I regard it as the most amazing thing I have ever seen. As I review it, the short hairs on my neck bristle with vague fear. Were I living in the Middle Ages, I’d mutter something about black magic.” The mystery has never been solved.

Stanislas de Guaita partners with Oswald Wirth (1860-1943) to create a tarot said Wirth Tarot which is still used today.

 As Lilith Astral succúbu, seduzinho a friar:http://translate.google.ca/translate?hl=en&sl=pt&u=http://lua-vermelha-vampiros.blogspot.com/2010/08/lilith.html&prev=/search%3Ftbs%3Dsbi:AMhZZiuNGR6folWXmwre2es3b8EXrih-1xwSq5es0dXfsIO8XKepRozH2fWtWmqYGpMzItYFElSioMCBPYPCoc9jGVj65aHUUOX80ooSWzZFpKD8KmZCqfgKGnAIFuQF7Ymvn0wQMNkqjL2KKPyCDzz0xcm2Q5gkiIw4NgglAaiT11qNCXjR63N0HyLIdHxtmtq4p-kNSkXL0Mt15tIcTIWW8a—Qava1y4s9XrT9Z0qJCvQGtNt5oHjB-gaCdAgM3My2bF7LESNsvod_1NQXVY6Ogb6neco0n8_13sym8K59iuhquYGBgtr_1eVdUARgstupB7x2G8X9loxWTLJyaaVXX04PuB8snxz0brpwR3QicuSlqTipI-_13uj1gUEbs3mZB9kzApSlXTe_1k88fvviJZTQWLAEEOjxfMj2P-Fl3iJXNCN0jYbP_1KjPGfJ2Kuy2GisB4MiwWHJjxmdocnYsmxZO6f47rR8dyCltvaiw-YuCXaAWmkRB_1_1i_1scJdaD85Xtg_1AH2UtyZcXj3isFCUCOZHmJHFn2IpqW1TPydvXd_1KsVHgoFfChDFYq40Mrmk9zOODYePycZ4A9Cj5Riq1gzPUyAeL7Xur-JQlCPxoOFZB80cuhM99cErqIFzkxUXf5oMoejVrn3KSBPMadiKWlflK0-BwKfphBVKWdKupr6X2AnqcVTW5xOoyDwLa4oA8XCZDZ_1zO9erJjAYKC9KFVafk1INRZp38OeVmrjwRevcenM_19I9-pK42XrUIjEoNsb9A9mhyBdnwxaCHPCvS5ZPBxC_1AkEBkjNYXTcdrjpL8PmHv-Yq9O9ohYKPz-pni95sDVphrUJmxnutu9SdUJqAjJiZctCopkHCvf7rKvC40UI2zxQm8gAFngtA4851ukkMUk0Ge4eesGWfnNxMpaLvaCtJE6bW9t0UaGqJ6i8xbYAuMnCHhbT5GmSfGcSGwDuPHbEmIfSSIQIfRWQUpOYG6XrUHJIOE3YB3fobjgjOrjNJT1jIR7xHd7N60QLcIb4L7BdocsqIQ4nCH6f5-4GtunGOUPOKIYNcyGbLajhiuGX2NCxmnnirsS19f8GIPtSdh38iYYwKGvjGrTzUdf4AsOrKEb1rgVKK-ltoAjzr5MFZtw5FvSytUtciYtRWMDDFiygJyYcchI2UsRfHgkd-sDtHLuxI9S9O0j9aR5piD9rmVqVaqGcorplLF_1oGU-yS2ZhZ_15Hd1QKcugbwArcAZLUWE63HjHUWe8dGWnCy0HqwgNSbhMxBhDljAK3WM_1n0nqFPqNbyX6rSxgfwZTdT8Rbw8yxlRa7tDHm9qvmmSHzUXSx0ZHInYeRktiMmxOD1n6DGRPu2nmwL5YPssPlNh1OXJpAaHoi4LJqiuu-FAKSu1GqYqX5QhIhoYNKYMH0aDK3Qzu7OvCuDIq9XrmHzOZDv1SFCFwqDZoBWA5JDtgu7VFLW8sz-devJRgPKLwkfoYMOykJFNYBOTRtdEe0RdR136jBKHmyaWpv4ahwMGUrDi5lWAetz0

Abelard and Heloise’s grave, lovers for eternity. Cimetière du Père-Lachaise. Paris. 

Huysmans, Occultiste et Magicien [2] « Occultisme Général …
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… doute transpirer au dehors, car on affirma, à l’époque, qu’il avait succédé à l’abbé Boullan, comme Souverain Pontife, selon l’Ordre de Melchissédec, …

On the Road to Perilous, by John Sokol.