el lado oscuro del corazón

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Dead Carmelite Nun and Colleague, France (1904).

Again, watermark removed. :) 

Dinner time for a trench bound MG34 crew.

Matthias Gerung. The Beast with Ten Horns and the Beast with Lamb Horns. 1532.

BLECHEN, KarlTivoli Gardens at the Villa d’Este1831-32Oil on canvas, 128 x 94 cmNationalgalerie, Berlin

Once Again In America - I Once Loved 
My chi told me
the deserts of my earth,
the waters of my skies spoke; 
the wisdom of my aged soul
my tongue coerced;
it said: love, just love!
I loved
she loved, we loved.
But as the summer sails 
into the days of autumn
our whisper’s back bent
it whimpers of old age,
our love has slipped 
into the angst seas of time.
poetry & photography by me, hence photry!

Ph. Lauretta Suter for HUF Magazine.

Carlos Moreira
Escadaria da Rua Cardeal Arcoverde, São Paulo, Brasil, 1972